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This is The Green Boattail Website

The Green Boattail is a Buick Riviera 1971.

History of the Green Boattail:
1971 California (USA)
1983 California ,Arroyo Grande (USA)
2001 California ,Arroyo Grande (USA) SOLD
2001 Tilburg (NL) SOLD
2002 Berkel Enschot (NL) SOLD
2002 The Hague (NL)
2020 's Gravenzande (NL) SOLD
2022 Monster SOLD
2022 Maastricht

The Green Boattail in "Klassiek & Techniek"

Klassiek & Techniek is a Dutch magazine about different cars. This article is about sales advice from the Buick Riviera. The differences about the 3 years. Owner interview and the pictures come from the owner.

Post Date: 26-03-2013 | Full Story

The Green Boattail in "Chroom & Vlammen"

"Chroom & Vlammen is a magazine about USA cars. The article about 1971 Buick Riviera and a little story from the owner. The pictures come from the owner.

Post Date: 10-05-2006 | Full Story

The Green Boattail in the videoclip of the Dutch Rock Band "Di-rect".

The Green Boattail and Di-rect

The Dutch Rock Band "Di-rect" make the videoclip "Cool without you". The Green Boattail was there. Unfortunately not many images of cars...

Post Date: 30-03-2005 | Full Story

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