Roland Brukx (NL)

I have found my first Boattail September 2000 a 1972 Buick Riviera.
After some TLC it was a great car to drive after a few years,
in 2004 I get the chance to buy the 71 Riviera from a friend,
That was in great shape! and still is and I try to keep it this way......
That same year I get some damage on my 72 Boattail on a trip to France ,
when I got back, I start to restore this Boattail and customized a litle,
shaved al emblems and side moldings, I removed al old paint and straightening the car
and sprayed it Chrysler viper red! a color that I found awesome....
and put on a set of very wide wheels/tires.
Now I building a performance 455 to run on LPG for this Boattail
in the spring of 2007 I found my third Boattail, a original 71 GS.
It was a Nevada car, so it was damaged tru the hot sun............
I will restore it a.s.a.p.  $$$$


1972 and the  1971

1971 GS Project
Here some pictures from my 71GS Project
I started this resto end 2008, and hope to finisch it soon.
It's almost all new except engine + driveline, the engine room I fix up later.
What I until did now:
- new paint and venyl top
- chanced the rally wheels the got 2 inch wider
- put on 1.5 inch spacers to fil up the wheel spaces !
- all new weatherstrips and seals
- interior:  new upholstery
- new headliner
and a lot more.............

to be continued


Stop !!! Just looking !


Stop !!! Just looking !