This is the text John T. Houlihan wrote us to some questions.
I was involved in the design as part of Gerry Hirshberg's Advanced Buick design studio in1968-1969 but I certainly don't know everything about this car.  Bill Mitchell had been pushing for such a radical design for a while before Hirshberg got the assignment.  The basic concept came from a 3/8 scale model designed by a guy named Don Deharsh. Mitchell loved the opulent sweeping form of Delahaye and Delage autos. He was quite a flamboyant fellow himself - loud and blustery.  The original "A/E" version of the "boattail" was a fantastic design with a real "V" windshield, a "monocoque" body.  

The original small design was truly magnificent.  Then management (the Buick General Manager at the time   -  Mays probably) decided not to fund the necessary tooling required for the unique panels and parts the "A/E" required.  He insisted the car be fitted to a "B" seating package and use all "B" glass, inners, floor etc. This was near disaster for the design concept.  

The final design took nearly 6 months to complete.  After Hirshberg & Company were through the car went to the production studio for the final "productionizing".  Early running prototypes were on the road sometime in 1970 so one of those could be on the cover of the brochure.

John T. Houlihan, 07-24-2000