The cove story.
Thanks to mr. John T. Houlihan for donating the sketches to our site!
Regarding the "cove" in the rear:  If you look closely on the picture below you will see faint section lines indicating surface condition above the taillights.  These were drawn after I had a confrontational meeting with the Group Chief Designer for Advanced Studios, Clare MacKickan.  He noticed a different sketch of mine that showed a different section which I had sketched to indicate a soft radius into a flat surface (or so I thought). Either I mis-sketched the surface condition or he mis-read the sketch (it's a 50/50 as far as I remember).   Mr. MacKickan wanted the clay to reflect the sketch  -  meaning he wanted a "cove" like the sketch showed.  I didn't get it.  He, in a rather heated fit of exasperation and impatience, grabbed a pencil and with a heavy hand drew the section line showing the "cove" he saw.  
No one else in the studio saw it that way which is why the clay model was done with a clean radius and flat  surface.

You can bet the clay modelers quickly hogged out the section while he waited - tapping his foot impatiently.  I quickly made a sketch (RE Graphics 1) to help the clay modelers understand the surface condition.  

Life in the design studio was full of incidents like this one.  In fact, many were downright ugly. This is a mild one.  

John T. Houlihan, 09-05-2000