Silver Arrow
A Silver Arrow concept was applied to the boattail in the design stages and on this page you can find some fine pictures of this car.

Buick has made a Silver Arrow in 1963 from the first (new) Riviera line and did one on the boattail too.

See if you can be convinced that the boattail can be even better then it is or maybe you agree that the concept is a nice study but the that the production model is the best one.
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This glossy 1972 (?) silver arrow picture was purchased at ebay, read the comment of the seller to the question where he got it:

All of my Buick "stuff" came from my dad who worked at Buick in downtown Flint back in the 60-70's. He used to bring home boxes of literature/pictures/manuals etc that they were going to throw out. That building is no longer there.  I think that most of the old stuff has either been thrown away or is circulating in collections, boxes and garages. I don't have any contacts at Buick.
Thanks, Steve
Below beautifull pictures scanned by a French boattail nut who scanned them from a French book "Voituers de rêve" meaning: Dreamcars. It was published in 1980 and it shows cars from 1940 up to 1980.

Note something probably few people know about the boattail silver arrow:
it has two scoops in the rear roof and the backlight (rear glass) has a different shape perfectly shown on the pics below. If only we could see this car in real life. Where does GM store this beauty, or who owns it now???
In their feature on the 63-82 Riv, the Automobile Quarterly (Vol 19, Number 4) said the scoops on the roof were not for ventilation, but housed brake lights, like the Toronado had at the time (and most cars have now too). Innovative!
(does anyone have a copy of this article???)

Note: the comment next to the third picture is a translation from the French comments so it may be a little 'rough'. Jérémie tried to preserve the feeling the French text has.

Many thanks to Jérémie from France who donated these pictures ánd the translation!!!
1972- Buick Riviera Silver Arrow III
This nice "show car" has only few but sizeable details wich make it different from a 71 production model. The grille has rectangular pattern, the front bumper has guards, the hood ends in point and the front fenders have side lights. The top has two air exit above the rear window. The base of the glass follows the line of the body side and the rear quarter glass ends in point, following the fender profile. The taillights are still delimited with the rear bumper shape and the trunk lid wich has two hollows. This "Silver arrow" had a new interior, entirely silver-colored. Did William L.Mitchell think to it when he made the following comment to us on january 1980: "The fashion, according to the dictionary, is a passing usage wich rules, in accordance with the tastes of the moment, the way to do something.A good design doesn't age, it goes on forever and becomes a classic.A bad design will never let you forget it and haunts you forever."
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